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Many patients who require physical therapy or chiropractic services are often referred to specialists in order to have these needs taken care of, but at Briggs Chaney Walk-In Clinic, we have on site practitioners who may attend to these considerations. This can allow for immediate relief in cases of acute pain and injury, but can also accommodate longer term treatments for progressive conditions or cases where rehabilitative care is indicated.

Physical therapy and chiropractic interventions may be utilized for a number of conditions, as these practices address whole body function through restoring mobility and health balance. While the therapies may be used together, they do differ in some approaches, which can make either physical therapy or chiropractic work more applicable, depending upon the concern.

Many patients who seek physical therapy are ultimately seeking to regain range of movement and to manage pain symptoms from chronic or acute conditions. Physical therapy can nurture the body during the healing process and also teach patients how to safely strengthen muscles and reduce atrophy during the transition back to wellness. This makes it applicable for both short and long term therapies that continue to build upon patient abilities.

Physical therapy is commonly used to recover after injury, accident, or surgery, but is also used to address a variety of conditions which can affect pain sensation and mobility. Some chronic and acute reasons for seeking help from a physical therapist include:

  • Arthritis
  • Back pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Stress
  • Posture induced pain
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Reduced mobility in the joints
  • Migraines
  • Sciatica
  • Spasms
  • Poor immune function
  • Recovery from strains or sprains
  • Stiffness in the neck or along the spinal column

The approach for physical therapy in any of these cases will depend upon pain thresholds, existing ranges of mobility, and the root cause of the presenting condition. This means that our physical therapists work with patients for an individualized approach that can result in the greatest wellness. Along with actual exercises and manipulation, it can also include goal setting and activities that may be done between visits in order to encourage healing and strengthening.

For many of our patients, physical therapy can be a continuing road to recovery, even in cases where a condition is chronic or progressive. This is also because the increased activity will help to encourage circulation and this is often the first step to reducing inflammation and pain. The continued use of muscles and learning to express movement in new ways helps to build strength and overcome some of the issues that are associated with nerve damage, since these can be exacerbated through lack of use. Overall, physical therapy can address a situation with immediacy, but can also be part of the long term plan for healing.

Chiropractic Services

At Briggs Chaney Walk-In Clinic, we also provide our patients with chiropractic consultations and manipulations. Although many people are familiar with this practice as a hand on approach to realigning joints within the body, especially the back and neck, this field of medicine is ultimately concerned with how all of the systems of the body are interrelated in order to induce balance and wellness within the whole person.

Chiropractic services are commonly used for back pain, shoulder and neck pain, and even the treatment of migraines, although adjustments can also have a positive effect on overall immune function. Many times, an adjustment can also help to prevent injury, as balancing the musculo-skeletal system improves posture and can reduce compensations that are made through imbalances in the body.

Like physical therapy, modern chiropractic services can use a variety of methods to bring relief and healing to our patients. These include:

  • Traditional manual manipulations
  • Electrode therapy (or TENS) for both muscle strengthening and pain relief
  • Ultrasound and infrared heat therapy to address deep joint and muscle issues, and also improve the circulation to these areas
  • Gentle traction, which can address disc compression in the spine, and improve the space for synovial fluid to flow in joints
  • Flexion and rehabilitative exercises, which improve mobility, flexibility, and overall range of motion

At Briggs Chaney Walk-In Clinic, we provide these services for any patient who feels they may benefit from physical therapy or chiropractic adjustments. This could include people who are seeking relief from long standing pain ailments or a progressive reduction in mobility, but may also include patients who have just suffered a traumatic injury. Our experienced clinicians are able to evaluate the situation, and guide patients towards the best route to healing that may result in long term wellness and a better quality of life.


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